More Than Just A Pretty Picture

I am a seeker.
I seek understanding of what I perceive as a continuous connection with the vastness of Creation.
As an artist I often complete a piece with tears on my face that stream from the knowing of connection and a void of understanding.

With the gift of stillness that came as 2020 unfolded I experienced an increase of art flowing through me, so much so that some days I would fill a dozen pages with designs, using many mediums.

Mid-year I felt called to revisit some of these pages with curiosity of the feeling that there was more to be done with the pieces locked away in journals.

I knew each piece was more than just a pretty picture, they depict a connection and they have a story.

With much nudging and encouragement, I began to explore the possibility of putting my images on things, such as t-shirts, mugs, and other swag items.

After facing into the technology of such creations I took the leap and Creativity and Aliveness engaged with physical items with a print on demand adventure!


We are still in the infancy of this adventure, but we are public, and you can access our store to see what has been released as well as what is to come.

Because each piece comes from art there is a story for each design. Those stories will be found on this blog for you to enjoy and share.

Thank You!
Jen and Cheri Jac 

We invite you to enjoy the stories and the art by reading, wearing, and sharing on social media!
Here is the link to our store!

Use the following #s on social media so we can see you enjoying your @jacts_swag!

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