More Than Just A Pretty Picture

I am a seeker.
I seek understanding of what I perceive as a continuous connection with the vastness of Creation.
As an artist I often complete a piece with tears on my face that stream from the knowing of connection and a void of understanding.

With the gift of stillness that came as 2020 unfolded I experienced an increase of art flowing through me, so much so that some days I would fill a dozen pages with designs, using many mediums.

Mid-year I felt called to revisit some of these pages with curiosity of the feeling that there was more to be done with the pieces locked away in journals.

I knew each piece was more than just a pretty picture, they depict a connection and they have a story.

With much nudging and encouragement, I began to explore the possibility of putting my images on things, such as t-shirts, mugs, and other swag items.

After facing into the technology of such creations I took the leap and Creativity and Aliveness engaged with physical items with a print on demand...

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